SubConnected provide cable solutions for floating wind, wave power and fish farms

SubConnected offer a solution for high power and long distances that are made for handling rough sea conditions. Meeting high demands on quality, safety and cost efficiency.

The state of art technology and components ensures a reliable and robust solution with control and monitoring. 

SubConnected is a full service provider that deliver a complete turn-key installation from first idea to hand-over and a trouble free ownership. 


Our patented system handle movement from waves and tide and remove the risk of cable scuffing on the seabed in both normal and extreme sea conditions. The system is specially designed connect future green energy solutions.   

The hub enables a cost efficient solution to connect multiple barges and the flexibility to extend connections to a new location and makes it easy to disconnect cable from the barge at service.

The purpose made high voltage cables makes it possible to connect long distances with high power. We offer a new generation of super dynamic sea cables that handles extreme sea conditions.The combination of a new generation of sea cables and hub provide a flexible, durable and cost efficient solution.

SubConnected & PARTNERS

SubConnected is the supplier for electrification projects today and in the future. We are driven by a passion to make our customers future proof.

The team in SubConnected have skills in marine high voltage electrical systems, sea cables, marine connections, monitoring system and green energy. We have senior international experience from wave power, cables, mechanical and digitalization. 

SubConnected is a system integrator and full service provider with a partner structure. We have selected our partners carefully and together we have the edge in know-how, development resources, technology and production capability to deliver. This is how SubConnected develop todays and the future technology for electrification.


Is to prepare our customers for the future with electrification, energy storage and connectivity. By doing this can they become a part of the electrical network and go from being a consumer of energy to be a producer of green ocean energy. We help to put the infrastructure in place so that you are ready for clean energy, automation and satellite operations that will ensure modernization and future growth. 


Sub Connected was formed by a team originating from Waves4Power, a swedish company developing a system that produce energy from ocean waves. A key challenge for ocean energy solutions is to find a way to transport electricity from ship to shore that survives and are reliable. The founders of SubConnected have experience from 10 years of wave power development. 

The technology in SubConnected was successfully tested as part of a full scale wave power system. New technology for electrical distribution and cables was developed, tested and verified. The system proved to meet all demands on operation in extreme weather conditions at the test site at Runde, Norway.  

SubConnected have now optimized the solution for floating wind and fish farms. The technology is patented and are optimized for helping our customers to become future poof.


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We have market representation in Sweden, Norway and UK. Our head office is located in the city of Göteborg, Sweden.

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